Why should I choose FOR?

Formulated by industry experts and created by a mother, wife, aunt and product lovin’ Australian.  Tired of buying products for the males in her life that were created for women the seed for FOR was planted.

Our products are simple to use but effective. Loaded with natural ingredients with power boosting extras added.  They are however paraben, sulphate and cruelty free.

Where are FOR products manufactured?

FOR is manufactured right here in Australia.  We are proudly Australian owned.

Does FOR ship overseas?

No, currently we only ship nationally within Australia.

Is FOR good for teenagers?

Yes they are - never too early for boys to get into good groom routines. FOR boys was developed for the teens. However we always recommend patch testing on your skin before use.

Who is your favourite son?

Favourites change everyday in our house …. oops I think I am meant to say “There are no favourites in our house”!